The West Wales Health Show has been running since 2001
and is the largest show of its kind in Pembrokeshire.

All the Stands are full! As of today I’m happy to announce that all the main stands are full. There are a few tables still available, so do get in touch if you’d like to have a table at the biggest show in West Wales. We have changed policy, and we won’t be holding spaces

Thank you all for your patience whilst the site has been undergoing a major restructuring and facelift. We hope you love it, as we’ve really put a lot of work into this to make it as easy to navigate as possible. There are still some things that need to be perfected, so please bear with

There is an entrance fee which covers both days of the health show event, and goes to the charity of choice. You can either pay on the door, or buy tickets early.

If you would like to be kept informed of health show exhibitors, therapies and more, there are several ways for us to join in as a community.

Money Raised for Pembrokeshire People First at The West Wales Health Show April 2013 A massive thank you to the following who so generously gave money to the Pembrokeshire People First fund. Jean Clack, Ali Hemmingway, Dr Harish, Preseli School of Healing Together we raised £175 which is fabulous.

We look forward to connecting online, but more so, in person!

In 2007 Spiritual ConneXtions held its first National Awards Ceremony in Southampton to honour those who have made a difference to society by acknowledging the work of all aspects of spirituality and paranormal research. The event proved to be a great success and because of this we have been asked to run regional awards with the winners gaining automatic entrance into the National awards. With this in mind we felt it was about time that the Welsh public voted for those involved in our spiritual society and to say thank you for helping in promoting and increasing the awareness of our beliefs in Wales.

We also run Reiki attunement courses including: Original Usui, Tibetan,White Diamond Light, Seichem, psychic, chakra and healing attunements to name but a few Some of the courses are held within my home on the Preseli Mountains, whilst others are run at local venues. Prices and course duration vary, manuals and certification are included in the course price. On ongoing training/Reiki share are held on a weekly basis. Reiki course dates are mostly flexible to suit the needs of the individual although some dates are set. A Reiki share group is held on most Thursday evenings at Letterston Hall from 7:45 - 10:00pm (please ring before hand if you are attending for the first time) The group is open to all students and members of the public who may be interested in this type of healing work.

Over the last week, I have had the privilege to be introduced to the crop circle phenomenon-WOW-I would like to share the experience with you but no words could I say that would truly express what I felt. Rose looking at Crop Circle On 19th August we were the second group of people to enter a circle that had recently been formed. Nick Ashron was the first to enter, with us very close on his heels-halfway up the field and as he entered the circle, the clouds opened and the light beamed directly over him and the entire formation.

Supplements for a good health

People still dream of the concept of Panacea, the universal remedy that can cure any health problem. Although there are several ingredients and products packed full of vitamins and minerals able to cure various diseases, these supplements cannot cure all health issues. However, their effects are considerable and you should use them when you aim to improve your general well-being.

Natural supplements to banish hives

Those who are concerned about the aspect of their skin should keep in mind that vitamins A and E can make wonders. If vitamin A reduces wrinkles, makes skin smooth and diminishes the appearance of brown spots, vitamin E moisturizes skin and protects it against the harmful free radicals. In case you are disturbed by hives and you want to banish them naturally, apply a cream with vitamins A and E and use OxyHives, too. Because it delivers the ingredients directly into the bloodstream, OxyHives will eliminate redness, diminish pain and reduce inflammation within hours after the appearance of hives.

Calcium-Magnesium is one of the most appreciated combinations. Beneficial for strong bones and healthy teeth and ensuring fast nerve impulse transmissions, Calcium and Magnesium are significant for energy levels, powerful immune response, healthy weight management and good sleep cycles. Many foods contain these minerals in their composition: almonds, cheese, honey, sesame seeds, figs, spinach, kale, parsley and numerous others. Because these foods enhance the immune system, they will help you to naturally keep allergies under control.

Yet hives tend to appear when you are stressed, before an important event or when you consume certain allergenic foods. OxyHives ingredients will help you to keep hives under control and even prevent their appearance, but you must stay away from the factors that can trigger the occurrence of the red, itchy bumps on your skin. In addition to this, the couple vitamin C and bioflavonoids will lower the risk of suffering from allergies and your skin will remain smooth and silky for longer.

Best compounds for your health

Although not quite a Panacea, vitamin C will stop the release of histamine, this substance that causes hives. Together with bioflavonoids, this reputable pair will keep rash at bay and enhance your overall health in a natural way. Whether you consume them as supplements together with OxyHives or you take them from foods (cherries, dark grapes, citrus fruits, red peppers and broccoli), allergy symptoms will be reduced.

Probiotics are probably the most popular compounds in the recent years. Live bacteria play a crucial role in our overall health – and they are beneficial for our digestion, immunity, mood, body weight and even the appearance of our skin. A healthy digestion ensures the proper elimination of toxins from our body. But when these toxins remain in our system for longer, they might be assimilated and affect our general well-being. Apart from the fact that probiotics regulate digestion and promote the proper absorption of nutrients from foods, they also fight against allergies and reduce the symptoms of hives, especially if you take the probiotics with OxyHives.

Your overall health can be successfully enhanced with natural supplements and superfoods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Have a balanced nutrition to improve your health state and take OxyHives whenever allergies bother you!


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